Source code for zlogging.enum.Cluster

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# pylint: disable=line-too-long,import-error
"""Namespace: ``Cluster``."""

from zlogging._compat import enum

[docs]@enum.unique class NodeType(enum.IntFlag): """Enum: ``Cluster::NodeType``. Types of nodes that are allowed to participate in the cluster configuration. See Also: `base/frameworks/cluster/main.zeek <>`__ """ _ignore_ = 'NodeType _' NodeType = vars() #: A dummy node type indicating the local node is not operating #: within a cluster. NodeType['NONE'] = #: A node type which is allowed to view/manipulate the configuration #: of other nodes in the cluster. NodeType['CONTROL'] = #: A node type responsible for log management. NodeType['LOGGER'] = #: A node type responsible for policy management. NodeType['MANAGER'] = #: A node type for relaying worker node communication and synchronizing #: worker node state. NodeType['PROXY'] = #: The node type doing all the actual traffic analysis. NodeType['WORKER'] = #: A node acting as a traffic recorder using the #: Time Machine #: software. NodeType['TIME_MACHINE'] =