Source code for zlogging.enum.JSON

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# pylint: disable=line-too-long,import-error
"""Namespace: ``JSON``."""

from zlogging._compat import enum

[docs]@enum.unique class TimestampFormat(enum.IntFlag): """Enum: ``JSON::TimestampFormat``. See Also: `base/init-bare.zeek <>`__ """ _ignore_ = 'TimestampFormat _' TimestampFormat = vars() #: Timestamps will be formatted as UNIX epoch doubles. This is #: the format that Zeek typically writes out timestamps. TimestampFormat['TS_EPOCH'] = #: Timestamps will be formatted as unsigned integers that #: represent the number of milliseconds since the UNIX #: epoch. TimestampFormat['TS_MILLIS'] = #: Timestamps will be formatted in the ISO8601 DateTime format. #: Subseconds are also included which isn’t actually part of the #: standard but most consumers that parse ISO8601 seem to be able #: to cope with that. TimestampFormat['TS_ISO8601'] =