Source code for zlogging.enum.Signatures

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# pylint: disable=line-too-long,import-error
"""Namespace: ``Signatures``."""

from zlogging._compat import enum

[docs]@enum.unique class Action(enum.IntFlag): """Enum: ``Signatures::Action``. These are the default actions you can apply to signature matches. All of them write the signature record to the logging stream unless declared otherwise. See Also: `base/frameworks/signatures/main.zeek <>`__ """ _ignore_ = 'Action _' Action = vars() #: Ignore this signature completely (even for scan detection). #: Don’t write to the signatures logging stream. Action['SIG_IGNORE'] = #: Process through the various aggregate techniques, but don’t #: report individually and don’t write to the signatures logging #: stream. Action['SIG_QUIET'] = #: Generate a notice. Action['SIG_LOG'] = #: The same as Signatures::SIG\_LOG, but ignore for #: aggregate/scan processing. Action['SIG_FILE_BUT_NO_SCAN'] = #: Generate a notice and set it to be alarmed upon. Action['SIG_ALARM'] = #: Alarm once per originator. Action['SIG_ALARM_PER_ORIG'] = #: Alarm once and then never again. Action['SIG_ALARM_ONCE'] = #: Count signatures per responder host and alarm with the #: Signatures::Count\_Signature notice if a threshold #: defined by Signatures::count\_thresholds is reached. Action['SIG_COUNT_PER_RESP'] = #: Don’t alarm, but generate per-orig summary. Action['SIG_SUMMARY'] =